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A little more info on the project that I call "Trike 88" for personal reasons.

The frame was originally a 21 speed whatever bicycle dropped off by a local scrap guy.
I am only using 7 speeds with no front derailler.

The motor is 500 watt 36 volt brushed.
-controller is 36volt 40 amp.
-3x 35 amp/hr deep cycle Interstate AGM batteries.
-lighting is 12 volt with standard car horn mounted in the rear.
-standard twist throttle
-headlight switch, turn signals and horn are standard e-scooter parts
-rear brake is disc on 3/4" shaft.
-front brake is original bike brake.
-dummy gas tank is an original Hospital bedpan bought from a flee market. (4" was cut from the centre and turned upside down.)
-ammeter, voltmeter, lights and drive hardware mostly purchased at Princess Auto.
-the fenders were fabricated from trailer fenders, again from P Auto.
---As you might imagine the top-end speed with 26" wheels is quite high.
I hope this info helps to spark an interest in the readers---(much more coming).

OUTAGAS2 Oct. 2011